Affordable Homes for Rent in Jacksonville, NC

ABA Rental Properties offers rental property services throughout the greater Jacksonville, NC area. We can help you manage homes for rent or help you find a home for rent for you and your family. Our team has over 30 years of experience leasing and managing properties, so we can assist you whether you are a renter or an owner.

We have a focus on property management, and we have a great relationship with the base housing authority. Our experience helps you ensure that your property is run according to the correct guidelines and laws. ABA Rental Properties helps you find a personal property manager at each of the properties.

Get Homes for Rent Easily

At ABA Rental Properties, we know that it can be tricky to find good maintenance staff for a rental property. That is why our company-owned Phase 1 Maintenance staff are on hand for you. Our staff is experienced and qualified to fix all kinds of home repairs, and they are on-call 24-hours a day to fix any issues, no matter what time of day or night they occur.

ABA Rental Properties gives our properties a bi-annual inspection to keep the rental property looking nice for the owners and tenants, at no cost to the owner. We will provide the owner a professional inspection report that details any issues we see and gives you a thorough understanding of your property. Call us today to learn more about what we offer at (910)347-4049 or visit our Facebook page here!

 All prices on website are subject to change due to market conditions or for any reason.

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